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Life is a sick joke perpetrated on the masses.

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As I stand at the cross roads. I ponder which road to take. My heart rages with the past. I look to my left; I look to my right, ahead and behind not sure where to go. Like a lost puppy trying to find my way home. My heart reminds me of lost lovers and good times with friends. My mind says. Nay, nay that is the past and you must move on, like a parent telling the child to become a butterfly from the caterpillar. Though I wonder is this but a dream or reality. As I feel like an Angel as I battle demons in my soul and in my mind. What's the point of living when things going so well turn so bad, like a philosopher trying to define the meaning of life or am I child wondering what it wants to be in life. I start to take a step, my heart screams. Stop fool! Are you sure that is where you want to go. Think of what is, what will be. Don't be a fool turn back; turn back before it is too late. My mind yells this time. Nay! Nay! Be strong and you will over come young one. The path least taken is the most arduous of all. Don't let your emotions over take you, no matter when or where. Let you emotions be part of you but not your guiding force, when take that path from cub to wolf. Tell those that love you, you love them but you must move on and chose your own path. Something catches my eye as I listen to the wisdom before me. I stand longer at the cross roads but in the woods. A silver wolf runs before me and I follow into the darkness. I find my self in a circle of wolves. One speaks the one I followed. You are Silver Fang born from mother wolf, you chose your own destiny and that is why you are here. I wonder did I really choose. My heart screams out. No go back something is wrong my mind interrupts my heart. Listen and you will be given the answer to you question. Though it is not obvious at first, nothing is, like nothing is coincidence but it is inevitable. We are conditioned to see what we see, not what is really there in front of us. So listen to what is before you cub. I snap back to what the silver wolf is saying. You destined to lead and not follow for you have choice in path to take. Though like any cub when you follow the path that is laid out for you are content with what is but do not realize the greater things in life like your destiny Then I wake in my home, realizing that one must move on. For those that love me I will always love you and one is lucky to have faith and people in their life.

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3,145 Points

Conquer the United States 25 Points

Politicians are now bribed with brains instead of money.

Beat Game on Easy 5 Points

Beat the game on easy difficulty.

Fully Upgrade All Zombies 50 Points

Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of all of your zombies.

Hire 60 Employees 25 Points

You are a thriving corporation, and a boon to the economy!

Conquer Australia 10 Points

Kroikey! A zombie dingo ate my zombie baby!

Conquer China 10 Points

People in China who get this medal also get arrested for sedition.

Conquer Europe 25 Points

Riots and strikes are the least of your worries.

Conquer Japan 10 Points

If zombies can control giant robots, then we are all f**ked.

Fully Upgrade All Items 25 Points

Fully upgrade the quality of all items in your sales department.

Conquer Russia 10 Points

In soviet Russia, zombies conquer you!

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